by deMond dUshawn

BEST OF LAST 3 WEEKS (DEMO) is a real talk rap rendition of my life in full effect which directly relates itself to the first track MY CHECK followed by F.O.C.U.S featuring Ricky Black and produced by Dalton Novias. I also worked with John Vasser Jr. on Campaign For The Lord.

CHiCAGO CRAZY and #HBD are fan favorites and deserved to be played as loud as possible. The story closes with A LETTER TO MY SON which sums up the possibilities of a young black child, woman and man in Chicago streets. So here it is, an all out presentation from me to you recorded at Pressure Point Studios thank you for listening, you are appreciated and all proceeds will go directly to cover the cost of studio time and promotions.  

Thank you - deMondUshawn